Migration to the 21st century

As a high-end chocolate producer Neuhaus has always been 2 steps ahead of their competitors. However, as all well managed companies, they are aware that in order to keep playing at the top of their game, their IT infrastructure can’t lag behind. That’s also why they decided to migrate their Microsoft stack and start working with O365.

As one can expect, this migration entails a lot of changes for the employees. Change management and user adoption are key to the success of every company wide migration. This is where Sollitics came into the picture. In support of the Neuhaus IT department and the external migration partner, we have stepped in to help guide the process of migrating to the Office 365 platform.

Our main task was to make sure that the user-adoption was succesful. To achieve this, we kept our fingers at the pulse and checked satisfaction by having regular walk arounds and by being present and visible. By picking up even the smallest concern, we made sure we could get everyone on board with this migration process.

Besides this, we also helped keep the process of setting up a new intranet and migrating all departments to sharepoint on pace by being in between our customer and its external migration partner.

Last but not least, we made sure that, by creating easy to understand tutorials on some basic but important functionality, Neuhaus can ensure that the knowledge level stays stable, even when new people join the team.

It was a pleasure to be able to work with such an enthusiastic workforce and to feel the excitement for the new possibilities provided to them. After this succesful migration project, Neuhaus is without any doubt ready for the next projects that build on this stable foundation and take the first steps towards a true workplace of the future.

Key takeaways

User adoption as temperature-check for project success

Building a knowledge base is key

Include users from the start and listen to their concerns

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