Don’t waste time, Automate

Automating manual tasks is a fantastic way to increase efficiency. ¬†A good automation solution should free up valuable time and enable employees to focus on what they are best at, adding value. Additionally, such a solution¬†should also be able to support your workforce by creating a task-based environment that uses push notifications. This allows people to focus on what’s important and set the correct priorities.

What can we do?

As automation consultants, we will explore your business processes and determine how to make them more efficient. By creating business worfklows we build streamlined proceses that allow for easy collaboration and follow-up.

To achieve this, we mainly make use of the following two software solutions:


Support people with their daily tasks by automating manual tasks which in return results in more time for value added tasks


Create clarity and structure in the existing processes by creating business flows


Reduce time spent on follow-up and communication between the business participants by making use of push notifications


Make use of the built in connectors of RPA or O365 Power platform to interface different IT applications


Build low-code O365 Power Apps for various business applications, simplifying data input


Easy follow-up through dashboards and apps of the open tasks

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