SAP 2.0

As a leading ERP solution, SAP brings a lot of added value and possibilities to your enterprise. We probably don’t need to tell you that the downside is that a lot of information needs to be gathered, input and kept up to date. This is a very time consuming task for your workforce.

With our general SAP and ABAP knowledge, Sollitics can help you with optimising  SAP transactions or processes by creating some tailor-made extensions. Like this, the workload for data entry can be reduced dramatically and your workforce can focus on what is important. Adding value!

Besides making SAP processes more efficient, we can also help with supporting your workforce by creating new tools or by combining SAP with our O365 or UiPath offering. From workflows to digital cockpits, no question is out of scope!

Check our cases underneath to get an idea of which type of solutions we have already designed together with our customers!

We were looking for a solution fitting to the daily needs of the buyers and requesters worldwide, easy to use, adaptable to future improvements, as well as fitting to our system-environment.
With Sollitics we found the right partner for such a solution. They were able to understand our needs and realise them in a very short amount of time.

Ralf Heuberger
Head of Purchasing


Increase efficiency by extending SAP transactions

Decrease workload of manual input

Design solution together outside of standard SAP scope

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