Master Data Management with O365

Efficient gathering of information and streamlined business processes are one of the key drivers for success for today’s companies. It’s, however, not always easy to find the right tools to achieve this.

At Neuhaus, the data management department experienced exactly this. For the process of gathering data and following up the creation of new materials, they made use of various excel files and outlook e-mails. As one can imagine, this was far from the ideal way and lead to a lot of inefficiency and time loss.

In short, the following pain points were perceived during the process:

  • Big amount of overhead due to manual work and manual follow-up
  • No automatic triggers for the next step in the process
  • No proactive workstyle
  • No clear overview of the status of the different new materials

In order to streamline and manage the material creation process, Neuhaus wanted to implement a workflow management/data governance tool. Together we created just this using the already existing O365 infrastructure and building blocks.

Power Platform to the rescue

By using the Microsoft Power Platform, we managed to:

  • Create clarity in the processes by discussing and visualizing the “To Be” business flow
  • Have a single point of truth for the material master data by creating a data management Power App
  • Automate communication between the departments and enable task triggers to the responsible departments by using Power automate flows
  • Give the correct information to the correct people at the correct time
  • Enable easy follow-up through the Microsoft Teams dashboards
  • Integrate SAP with O365 and automate the material creation process

Key Features


Clarity in the process

Easy data gathering with O365 app

Automated communication and creation of tasks


Easy follow-up and reporting

SAP integration


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